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The Maker’s Vise is a lightweight and versatile general purpose vise designed for modern multi-material makers.  If you express yourself through creation (designers, artists, hobbyists, builders), this vise has the speed, strength, and flexibility to improve your workflow.  If you are handy and enjoy the ability to fix-it, mod-it, upgrade-it, whatever “it” is, The Maker’s Vise’s custom soft jaws will make your life easier.   Read more about what our vise can do on our Features page.

Maneuverability – The weight is not overbearing like traditional iron vises.   Pick it up, hold it with one hand, set it on your lap, carry it from one workstation to another.  The vise will stay balanced if you place it on its side or on its face.   Bolt it down for heavy duty jobs.  Additionally, our vise is compact for easy storage.

Speed – The Maker’s Vise is fast at everything.  The slider opens and closes the vise incredibly fast compared to traditional vises.   Utilize quick jaw changers to slide 3d printed jaws on and off.  And, don’t forget to order your vise with a quick-handle to rapidly apply torque.

Customization – We’re building a digital design library full of custom jigs and fixtures.  Dive into our library to find that exact jaw or handle shape you need.  Download it, customize it, and print it out, or buy a pre-made shape from us.  Be a hero to other makers and send us your design for a custom part… we’ll post them free for download.

Everybody needs a vise!

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