Make more with the Maker’s Vise!

Here’s how:


The Maker’s Vise is a speed demon.  Open/close your vise by moving the head along its low-friction slider bearings.

Slider gif


The Maker’s Vise has a compression strength 375x its own weight.  The ability to use long handles amplify the amount of torque that can be applied.

Compression Strength Test


The Maker’s Vise is a “light-heavyweight,” the standard 8.5″ version weighs in at a solid 4 lbs!  This vise is designed to be picked up, carried around, and manipulated on a regular basis.   It is built strong and sturdy for heavier jobs as well.   The vise quickly and easily disassembles to bolt down to the user’s workstation.  Finally, store the vise on its face for a roughly (3.0″by 3.4″) footprint.

gif for disssasembly
The Maker's Vise 3"x3" footprint


The Maker’s Vise has endless applications with 3D printed custom jaws.  The 3D printing movement has allowed us the opportunity to really customize our tools.  Let us help you deck out your vise with all the “bells and whistles!”  And, we’re making this a free give-away to the makers out there who have already invested in a 3D printer.  Just visit our digital library.

There is an additional reason to use custom jaws beyond ease of use, firm grasp, and increased access to work area.  And that is, we don’t want to break our projects!  Custom jaws will spread out areas of concentrated pressure.

EXAMPLE —  Compression Force Simulation — Ball Pinching Jaws:

Ball pinching jaws

First, let’s ask ourselves what would happen if we were to clamp this Delrin ball (^shown above) in The Maker’s Vise stock steel jaws.  ..we already did the simulation, pictures below. 

Square Steel Jaws

Forces acting on delrin from flat jaws
Forces acting on delrin

The Von Mises Stress Test reveals that a fully clamped vise will apply 28,960 Pa concentrated onto the points of contact of the steel jaws.  Shown below is the same simulation run for a Delrin ball held in custom 3d printed jaws.

3D Printed Ball Pincher Jaws

Ball holding stresses
sphere pinching jaw test

The Von Mises Stress Test predicts 8,150 Pa for the Delrin ball compressed in our custom ball pinching jaws.  Reducing the risk of damage by 70% over the stock jaws.  There’s also less of a chance the ball will shoot out away from the vise while the user is working on it.