The maker revolution is here!  We are entering what some may describe as a modern day renaissance; a reawakening of creativity, art, and craftsmanship by everyday ordinary citizens.  Anyone can become a master of their craft(s) with the plentiful resources provided by online communities such as Reddit and Youtube.  It’s an inspiring movement and we here at Solar Extraction Technologies have been inspired to help you make more with The Maker’s Vise.

Let’s start exploring what makes our vise a needed commodity.

What You Get..

Don’t be fooled by the simple outward appearance.    Each individual part of our vise has been optimized through an iterative design process geared toward the maximization of speed, strength, and ease-of-use.

The first thing you may notice is the smart use of materials.  A hardened anodized aluminum frame provides a lightweight and durable frame.  Steel is utilized in areas of high localized pressure.  And, engineering-grade low-friction polymers give the vise speed and eliminate the need for grease.

Bolt it Down

Sometimes you really just don’t want your vise to move.  The object you are gripping is too big, too heavy, or too much force is required to reliably work without a secure vise.   Remove the vise head to bolt down The Maker’s Vise to your workstation.  There are five easy to access bolt holes located down the center of the vise base.  Slide the vise head back into position to begin work.

Set it Up

Alternatively, you may enjoy the ability to reposition your vise when working on light objects. Included with each Maker’s Vise, is a silicone non-slip pad.  Set your vise on the silicone pad and you are ready to go.

Removable Head and Slider

Much of the technology of the vise is right here.

  • The vise head is easily removable from the base to quickly switch between jaw sets.
  • A spring mechanism self-aligns the core piece into position.
  • The large knob feels natural in your hand.
  • The main bolt may be driven by the provided hex key for increased clamping pressures (1000+ pounds).

Engineering-Grade Polymers

As mentioned previously, the slider bearing eliminates the need for grease.  The slider is comprised of an Acetal thermoplastic known for its high stiffness and low friction.  Acetal is similar to Teflon, but with increased performance under compression.

The grippers are made from Nylon, similarly chosen for stiffness and low-friction capabilities.  These grippers are made to be replaceable, but we have yet to notice wear in this area of our prototype.

Printable Soft Jaws

We are advocating the use of custom “soft” jaws.  The steel jaw set that comes stock with the vise will work for a majority of applications.  But, custom plastic jaws are wonderful to have when needing to grasp irregular shaped objects or even just objects that you want to avoid doing damage to.

We offer a growing variety of jaw set designs available in our digital store/library.  If you have a 3D printer, you may print your own jaws for free.  If not, send us your design, we’ll print them for you for a low cost.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Length———- 8.5 inches
  • Overall Height———- 3.0 inches
  • Jaw width—————- 3.0 inches
  • Jaw height————— 1.375 inches over slides
  • weight ——————– 5 pounds 3 oz